Aleksandra Kingo is a director and photographer living in London and originally from Lithuania. Aleksandra’s humorous films and playful images tell surreal stories realised through bold colours and sharp wit. Walking a fine line between unease and attraction, she plays with viewers’ sense of actuality, creating illusory worlds where lipstick stains are a blessing and champagne baths are perfectly casual. Self-deprecatingly honest, her relatable work blends the dark comedy of her native country with her adopted home’s sarcasm. Inspired by her own everyday life and the wonders of the internet, Aleks creates from a place that celebrates the good, the bad, and the ugly. She likes working with serious – perhaps even slightly dark – topics like and then bringing them to a point of absurdity, sprinkling bright colours and memes all over them.

Aleks works with the best brands and ad agencies across Europe and the US. Her clients include Adidas, Garnier, American Express, Virgin Atlantic, Honda and Nestle. Her latest short film , An Ode to Procrastination, has received multiple festival awards and nominations, including Aesthetica Short Film Festival, Berlin Commercial and Shark Awards.


All In Represents for Stills in the United States.

tinygiant for TV in the United States.

Angela Woods in UK and the Rest of World.

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